A robotic exoskeleton that allows some people with spinal cord injuries to walk upright has been approved for use by Health Canada and the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

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Fossil feathers have been found on an early plant-eating dinosaur for the first time, raising the possibility that all dinosaurs were downy, not scaly.

In an evolving food world of health-conscious consumers, a vegetarian butcher shop in Toronto has found an unexpected following — vegetarians who haven't completely given up meat.

Google's Geek Street event, the second street festival the search giant has held for kids after a similar event in New York last year, featured booths from 23 partners ranging from the university math departments to private

An insect with huge horn-like jaws and a wingspan similar to a sparrow's has been reported by Chinese state me

After many failed attempts, a false killer whale calf rescued near Tofino, B.C., earlier this month has reached a milestone and has started nursing from a bottle, according to staff at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

A central Newfoundland woman who captured the sudden disintegration of an arched iceberg says she has learned a lesson about getting too close to the massive structures.

Dogs are a man's best friend, and new research says canines want to keep it that way.

Canada's broadcast regulator is going to look into why some telecom and cable companies charge customers who want to receive paper bills instead of electronic ones.

More than half of Ontario's bees did not survive the winter, according to a new report that has the province's beekeepers' group very concerned.

If you went back to the age of dinosaurs and met a tyrannosaur, you'd likely soon face something even more terrifying — the other tyrannosaurs in its pack.

Quarterly results released Tuesday highlight the importance of a breakthrough new product for Apple, which has plenty of room to grow in emerging markets but needs to reinforce its reputation for innovation in the developed world.

Officials at P.E.I. National Park are concerned about the eggs in a piping plover nest after a tern took over the nest of one of the endangered birds.

Whale watchers departing the charming harbour of St. Andrews, N.B., were shocked and thrilled to encounter a great white shark, and it was all captured in photos and video.

Researchers at York University have discovered that moose saliva may help the animal control a potential dangerous toxin found in the grass they frequently eat.

Scientists say they have turned thin air into an 'optical fibre' that can transmit and amplify light signals without the need for any cables.

Six people were indicted in New York Tuesday for involvement in a global cybercrime ring that took over more than 1,600 accounts of eBay's StubHub online ticket reselling service, according to a statement released by the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance.

A B.C. woman got a shock on Tuesday when she discovered a black bear in her kitchen - the latest in a string of unusual encounters between humans and bears in British Columbia.

Bob McDonald is now flying through space, between Mars and Jupiter — Bob McDonald the newly named asteroid, that is.

Parks Canada has launched a premium line of clothing that it hopes will speak to visitors about their memories of Gros Morne or Banff National Park and help a little with the bottom line.