Canada's largest movie theatre chain is joining with top American cinemas in a boycott of Netflix's first original feature film, a sequel to the martial arts movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

It's pretty common to see people pulling out their smartphones and tablets at wedding ceremonies these days. But are the shutterbugs ruining the bride's big day?

Canada's broadcast regulator is hitting the "delete" button on Netflix and Google, telling the online video services their submissions at hearings into the future of television will be ignored.

Solar and wind power are increasingly cost-competitive with conventional forms of electrical power, including coal and nuclear, even without subsidies, according to a new study.

China’s Lenovo Group aims to be the world’s biggest maker of personal computers after its deal to buy IBM’s low-end server business was approved by U.S. and EU regulators.

Researchers in Italy hope optical fibre embedded within earthen slopes will help detect the early signs of landslides.

Introducing a new national wireless carrier in Canada would result in lower consumer prices, but regulators need to do more than simply cap wholesale roaming rates to make that happen, the competition watchdog has told the country's telecom regulator.

Head lice have developed high rates of resistance to the treaments that dominate the market, the ones that contain pyrethrins or permethrin, research shows. While there are alternatives, Consumer Reports recommends combing with a lubricant as the safest method.

Mining company Vale is hoping honey bees will encourage its re-vegetation project in Sudbury.

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Researchers from McGill University and the Quebec government have discovered plastic microbeads -- likely from cosmetic scrubs and household and industrial cleaners -- widely distributed across the bottom of the St. Lawrence River.

Do you yearn for the simple things in life, like cuddling a total stranger who a geolocation app tells you is nearby? Then rejoice, the internet has finally come through.

There aren't many direct countermeasures the average home and office computer user can take against the latest security threat, security experts say, because it doesn’t affect the vast majority of end-user computing devices. Still, here are five tips.

While environmentalists see climate change as a looming disaster for the planet, the business community sees it as an opportunity for long-term gains. For those with vision, it is possible to save the economy as we adapt to a warmer world, writes Bob McDonald.

Microsoft Corp. will unveil a new name, including possibly a total rebranding, for its best-known product on Tuesday when it offers the first official glimpse of its latest Windows operating system.

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The integrity of the "Health Internet" used by millions of people is threatened by commercial interests, a coalition of health policy experts argues.

One of Canada's major telecom companies says it will urge Ottawa to clear the way for a new type of wireless broadband network that's been used successfully in other countries, but hasn't been available in Canada.