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Mounties say an alleged drunk driver was speeding with six children in a minivan on the Trans-Canada Highway in southeastern Alberta.

Redcliff RCMP stopped a minivan on the highway near Suffield around 7 p.m. Friday night after it was recorded going 149 kilometers per hour.

The officer talked to the driver and alleges he was impaired.

Police say the six children in the minivan were between the ages of eight months old to nine years old.

The RCMP also say one of the children was not restrained in the back of the minivan.

PHOTOS: Group sets new roots in Waskesiu
PHOTOS: Group sets new roots in Waskesiu
PHOTOS: Group sets new roots in Waskesiu
PHOTOS: Group sets new roots in Waskesiu
By Kayla Bruch paNOW Staff

The tenth annual Waskesiu Arbour Day saw several volunteers out planting trees in the town center.

Around 60 to 70 trees were uprooted from the Prince Albert National Park and brought to the town to be transplanted.

Dustin Guedo is a vegetation ecologist for the park. When asked the importance of today’s event Guedo said "Our goal is to create a mixed wood community of trees."

Elm tree pruning ban ends
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Sunday marked the end of the provincial ban on pruning elm trees.

The ban is put in place each summer to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease (DED).

Pruning the tree attracts the elm bark beetles, which spread the disease and are most active during the summer months.

Throughout the year, provincial DED regulations restrict elm storage. Elm branches, logs and firewood must be disposed of at approved sites such as the Saskatoon landfill.

Use of drones while hunting now banned in Sask.
By Brant Hilton paNOW Staff 

The province is grounding the idea of using drones for the purpose of hunting.

A ban on the use of drones while hunting is now part of the Saskatchewan Wildlife regulations. For the most part, "Fair Chase" is compromised when unmanned aircraft come into play.

"That's what it boils right down to, are you giving the animal the proper amount of opportunity to not become harvested and get away from you," said Darrell Crabbe with the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

Work stoppage continues at Sask. uranium facilities
By Kelly Malone paNOW Staff 

With a strike notice taking effect, all union employees at two Cameco facilities left the sites and production was stopped.

The United Steelworkers Local 8914 notified Cameco on Tuesday that employees would begin a strike at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Students move in to U of S residences
By Bryn Levy paNOW Staff 

The Labour Day long weekend sees students at the U of S moving into residence.

About 2200 students live in the school's four residence complexes. Of those, about 600 are in their first year.

Among those lugging bags and books into the Voyageur Place residence on Saturday was first-year engineering student Ryan Muir.

Coming to the U of S from Calgary, he said he was looking forward to getting started.

"Living in rez, getting into the atmosphere and meeting new people," he said.

Renowned Saskatoon diner comes under new ownership
By Kurtis Doering paNOW Staff

Mel's Diner on 11 Street West has developed a reputation among locals for its huge portions, low prices, and homey atmosphere.

Mel's is the place where you can get a giant, filling breakfast for $7.15.

If you're somehow still hungry after that, a half-pound cheeseburger with a side for lunch will only cost you another for $6.50.

Milky Way customers brave wasps for ice cream treat
By Deborah Shawcross paNOW Staff 

Thousands of wasps are out finding food.

1 dead, 1 critically injured in 2 separate accidents
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A hectic and deadly start to the long weekend for drivers near Melfort.

Melfort RCMP report one man has died, another has received life threatening injuries and at least half a dozen more have various injuries after two separate accidents on Friday night. 

RCMP and emergency officials first responded to a single vehicle roll over on a grid road near Lac Vert around 8 p.m. Friday night. Officials report an 18-year-old man was ejected from his pick-up truck and was pronounced dead on scene.

One person dead after truck and gravel truck collision
paNOW Staff

One person is dead after a collision on Highway 20 Friday afternoon.

At around 2:55 p.m. RCMP received a call reporting that a Chevrolet pickup and a gravel truck had collided near St. Benedict, located southeast of Wakaw.

RCMP said one person was pronounced dead at the scene and two passengers were brought to Humboldt hospital with moderate injuries.

The other driver was not injured.

RCMP did not release any names.

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SGI says they’re reviewing distracted driving law
By François Biber paNOW Staff

Province responds to complaint by local business

A Saskatoon businessman’s complaint over the new SGI distracted driving laws has prompted a review from the provincial government.

“We've been inundated with emails and phone calls from Canada Post and other businesses that could be affected by this and people are very concerned this could happen to them,” Kevin Boychuk said.

La Ronge police looking high and low for missing boy
By Amanda Purcell paNOW Staff 

6-year-old Andrew Prosper went missing while out with friends last night

A little boy is missing in northern Saskatchewan.

6-year old Andrew Prosper was playing outside with his friends Friday night in Sucker River, but not long after he went out his mother discovered he was missing.

Police were called out and say they have checked throughout the community. Prosper hasn't turned up yet.

UPDATE: La Ronge police looking high and low for missing boy

Cst. Brent Nicol with La Ronge RCMP said the family has located the 6 year old boy. Prosper was found safe with a family member in the community of Sucker River. Nicol said the RCMP appreciated all help with the search.

Flaw sends RQHR faxes to the wrong number
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The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region (RQHR) announced Friday that a software glitch led to 13 patients' reports being faxed to the wrong number.

"In January 2014, we were notified by people who had incorrectly received faxes from RQHR," explained Marlene Smadu, vice president of quality and transformation at RQHR. While efforts were made to correct the program, Smadu said the problem resurfaced sporadically over the following months.

Sask., B.C. remove barrier on wine trade
By Bre McAdam paNOW Staff

Many in Saskatchewan are raising a glass to the announcement that Saskatchewan and British Columbia are removing trade barriers on locally-made wine and craft spirits.

It means people in Saskatchewan will be able to legally order B.C. wines--and vice versa-- and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

The agreement was announced Friday at the premiers meeting in Charlottetown. Premier Brad Wall said B.C. Premier Christy Clark has been a voice for more "common sense" when it comes to free trade.

Transit unable to run full service for the start of the schoolyear
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A lenghty lineup of city buses needing repairs has forced bus route cancellations just in time for the beginning of a new schoolyear.

The City of Saskatoon said transit will not have enough working buses available to run full transit service starting on Sept. 2, -- the first day of school for most school in the city -- because of a backlog of maintenance on the fleet.

Charges laid near Kamsack after 2-month-old baby assaulted
By Courtney Markewich paNOW Staff

Kamsack RCMP have charged a man for allegedly assaulting a two-month-old baby.

Mounties were first called to the Kamsack Hospital the morning of July 29. The baby had severe injuries and RCMP launched an investigation into aggravated assault.

The baby had to be taken to the Regina General Hospital and then the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Regina launches stadium construction camera online
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People can keep an eye on the construction of the new Mosaic Stadium thanks to a new camera.

The City of Regina has launched an online tool that allows people to view pictures taken by that camera. The photos are snapped every ten minutes from the camera located on top of a 45 meter SaskTel cellular tower in the area.

The images can be accessed on the Regina Revitalization Initiative's website here.

Late blight popping up in Sask. gardens
By Ashley Wills paNOW Staff

Wet weather and cooler temperatures at night is causing late blight to pop up in gardens across the province.

Rick van Duyvendyk with Dutch Growers Garden Centre in Saskatoon said that blight will start in the stems and then spread through the plant. Affected tomato and potato plants will have black and brown lesions on the leaves. Eventually tomatoes will get a brown, leathery look and the fruit will rot. Potatoes turn grey and brown on the skin and also rot.

Storm pushes train containers into ditch near Waldeck
paNOW Staff

As many as 40 Canadian Pacific Railway train cars left the tracks near Waldeck, east of Swift Current on Thursday night.

The cause has not been determined but the weather is believed to have played a factor. However, CP can't confirm that is the case.

"I'm thinking that's what it was because I don't think it was tornado myself 'cause I think it would've done a lot more damage than what it did," said Jim Roberts who drove by the scene just after it happened.

Regina man arrested for hit and run on 6-year-old boy
By Deborah Shawcross paNOW Staff

When there was nothing on the news about her grandson being hit by a car, an upset grandmother took to Facebook.

Jackie McNab wanted the public to know about her six-year-old grandson, Jacolby McNab. He was clipped by a car while crossing Athol Street on Tuesday. He landed in the middle of the street with a broken leg.

"The bone actually came out from the back of the calf of his leg and he crawled himself to the sidewalk. The driver, he said just took off,” said Jackie.

Water in Birch Hills remains brown and smelly
By Sarah Wallace paNOW Staff

For the last few weeks residents in Birch Hills have been dealing with brown, smelly water coming out of their taps.

Video: Saskatoon police rescue 5 people taking fire

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Saskatoon police released video footage of Friday's standoff on Coppermine Crescent near Lawson Heights Mall.

A man who barricaded himself in a home eventually gave himself up to police, after assaulting and firing shots at his sister who was hiding behind a truck.

The man faces multiple charges including three counts of attempted murder for shooting the woman and police officers on scene.

More to come ...

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SK. children's advocate seeing slight progress in recommendations
By Jill Slater paNOW Staff

The provincial government has released details on changes the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) is making after a child was murdered by another child last summer.

VIDEO: Sask. crew discovers sacred rock in Lake Diefenbaker
By Bre McAdam paNOW Staff

The search for what's left of a sacred boulder in Lake Diefenbaker was a success.