Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq has overturned an RCMP decision to doff their muskrat hats in favour of more animal-friendly tuques.

There's no rule in politics that says you have to go out of your way to accommodate news outlets who aren't favourable to your policy positions, but you still have to deal with them, writes form

New Democrat MP Peter Julian has launched a last-minute campaign to convince Conservative backbenchers to back his bid to give the Speaker the power to crack down on non-responsive replies during question period. Kady O'Malley explains.

Canada's provinces, territories and municipalities must make big policy changes if they want to rein in their public debt, the federal Parliamentary Bu

Ever since the controversial Mario Beaulieu became its leader in June, the Bloc Québécois has been drifting further into irrelevance.

Stephen Harper's cabinet is poised to consider the possible deployment of CF-18 jetfighters and CP-140 Aurora surveillance aircraft against ISIS, but there is concern within National Defence and among critics about how the aircraft will be used.

The civil war in the Congo has claimed over five million lives and offered up some of the worst atrocities of any age.

Sun Media Corp. is apologizing to Justin Trudeau later today for a rant against the Liberal leader by on-air personality Ezra Levant.

Canada's broadcast regulator is hitting the "delete" button on Netflix and Google, telling the online video services their submissions at hearings into the future of television will be ignored.

Conservative MPs are defending the decision to fly European officials home after adding a last-minute event to their schedule of events in Canada last week — an event the opposition derided as a public relations move and that the European Commission said came after the official tra

Government House Leader Peter Van Loan may be setting the stage for the Conservative caucus to foil an NDP motion to crack down on non-answers in question period without having to vote against the opposition's motion.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson arrives in Ottawa Monday for bilateral talks on counterterrorism initiatives. The meetings come as both Canada and the U.S.

A handbook aimed at preventing young Canadians from being recruited by extremist groups has been released at a Winnipeg mosque today.

Jim Prentice will run for a seat in the legislature in the riding of Calgary-Foothills, the Alberta premier announced on Monday.

Federal Conservative MP Patrick Brown officially jumped into the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race on Sunday with a pledge to break from a status quo he says has cost the party four straight elections.

The federal minister of employment is, once again, defending recent reforms to the temporary foreign worker program.