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This week’s Geekfile: Who is who is who?

We’re talking about who is playing who and also the newest Who, to hit the Whoverse.

Are you tired of the word who yet? Well it’s about to get worse!

I’ll start with the big stuff, and of course many of you know, on Sunday Aug 4, it was announced that the new Doctor would be played by favoured Scottish actor Peter Capaldi…and everyone in Canada and the States went “who?”

I think one thing that people can guess about me is I really like comic book characters.

But, do you know who my two favourite characters are? I mean yeah I’m a fan of Batman and Superman, but when it comes to the lower level executives, I’ve got two real favourites.

They are Blue Beetle, and the Flash.

So of course I’ve been following any and all news about the speedy super-being as it has progressed.

At first there was recently talk about a Flash movie coming out in 2015 after the Batman/Superman team up or versus film.

Well Comic-Con has ended but there were some major news drops during every day of the event.

Let’s jump into the biggest story of the week, Superman/Batman.

I’ll give a little background; this idea has been kicked around since before Tim Burton made his first Batman movie in 1989. In fact Burton based his film on the context of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which Zack Snyder said he’ll be basing this film off of.

We’re back (by popular demand) after an extremely long hiatus, I do apologize and I’ve missed you all…all one of you that reads this blog.

By the way anyone who got the movie reference I made in this are pure awesome.

So I’ll jump right into it, Paranormal Activity fans (you know you’re out there).

Looks like the fan favourite franchise has been official bumped.

Well loyal readers that time has finally come…renewals and new shows on all the TV networks.

That’s right I’m doing a two-part specially laid out blog dedicated to what’s coming this fall.

I’ve waited until basically every network announced their fall and midseason schedules, and I will break down some of the ones I think will do really well for you and even throw in a trailer or two.

So here we go, starting with the show I think is going to do the best…

The Michael J. Fox Show!

Hey Geeks & Freaks I’m back with your geek update, sorry for the lag, I was on vacation.

So the newest news? Star Wars orchestrator John Williams has been semi-confirmed to be returning to score the next film.

Abrams was asked by a fan during a Berlin appearance concerning the newest Star Trek film if long collaborator Michael Giachinno would be again working with him on his latest flick.

Justice League fans rejoice? Maybe.

Anyone who is a true fan of the Justice League and has been following the comic book series will be well aware of its anti-hero counterpart Justice League Dark.

Okay so it’s not all anti-heroes but it takes on a more macabre take on good vs evil with good often having a shady background and supernatural powers rather than being an alien or being involved in some laboratory accident.

Yes darker than Batman even.

I’m going to kickstart this week’s Geek File talking about Kickstarter…or rather Kickstarter for movies. Unless you’ve been living in some cave starting a new society out of toads and bats that you like to call the unholy legion of darkness, then you’ve heard about the recent Kickstarter project involving the Veronica Mars movie (or at least one of your bat generals sonared the news to you).

Spiderman, Spiderman…can you guess what I’m going to be talking about today?

Ghostbusters 3 is moving towards the animation decision again! Nope, completely wrong.

Earlier Wednesday morning Bloody Disgusting picked up a rumor and reported that Sony had decided to go back to the animation side of things with Ghostbusters 3, which had been suggested back in 2007 for the movie and ended up becoming a video game instead.

I was waiting this week to get you the news out because I wanted to be one of the first to announce this and I had to wait until it was confirmed.

Harrison Ford is officially returning to Star Wars as Han Solo.

How much he will be in the film is yet to be confirmed however with Harrison Ford no matter how small the role he always takes up the full screen.

This comes a few weeks after it was confirmed that Han Solo will have his origin story told in a standalone movie which will be released after the 7th Star Wars film in 2015.

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