From the Desk of LA Mayor

A couple key and important developments have occurred for the administration of the Town of La Ronge in the last month. Here are the developments that I would like to share:

It’s been a while since I have been able to submit my mayoral blog to PaNow, as it seems life gets in the way! I have recently returned from a trip to Norway which was a requirement of my Master in Northern Governance and Development degree program (poor me!). The trip, which took place from March 15-24th/2013, took me and eight other students (all ladies I may add) to Oslo and Kirkenes, Norway. There we had the opportunity to compare and contrast Northern Saskatchewan (Northern Canada in some degree) and Finnmark County.

As the days are starting to get longer and ppring is fast approaching, I thought I would take the opportunity to update some specific projects that the Town of La Ronge looks to embark upon and complete in the 2013 “construction season.”

On February 3-6, I, along with council and the senior administration of the Town of La Ronge, attended the 108th Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) convention in Saskatoon.

This year’s convention was the largest ever attended with over 1000 participant and witnessed history being made by the election of the first ever female SUMA president, my friend Weyburn Mayor Debra Button.

To start, it is a pleasure to be asked to start blogging as mayor of La Ronge, a community many consider, “the world’s best kept secret.” Throughout my blog, I will attempt to provide mayoral insight on broad issues that affect us La Rongians and in many cases Northern Saskatchewan, in terms of positives and areas that could improve. I am always open to discussion and feedback and look forward to dialogue from the constituents that I have the honour to serve.

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