Darryl Hickie’s MLA Report

Municipal governments are on the front lines dealing with the opportunities and challenges in our growing province. One of our priorities in government is helping our municipal partners by providing them with predictable funding for priority projects in their communities. In 2011, we accomplished this by tying Revenue Sharing to one point of the Provincial Sales Tax (PST). As PST revenue increases, so too does the amount of revenue shared with municipalities.

Many parts of our province experienced unprecedented rainfall recently, which resulted in a number of communities declaring local states of emergency. Officials from Emergency Management and Fire Safety, the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program, Water Security Agency, Highways and Agriculture will be working with all communities affected as they begin the recovery process.

Below is a summary of some very important information and contacts to help you address any inquiries.

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program

We want to ensure every Saskatchewan resident has the opportunity to participate in the electoral process – particularly those who face challenges in casting their vote. This is why, in consultation with the Official Opposition, our government has introduced amendments that are going to make it easier for Saskatchewan people to vote in future provincial elections.

The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth sets out our vision for a province of 1.2 million people by 2020. This is a plan for economic growth that builds on the strength of our residents, resources and innovation in order to secure a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people.

Saskatchewan people deserve to keep more of what they earn and, as a government, our preference is to accommodate that by controlling spending and keeping taxes low. Despite revenue challenges, we accomplished just that with our 2014-15 provincial budget.

Since 2007, Saskatchewan people have benefited from the largest income tax and education property tax cuts in our province’s history. As another tax season comes to a close, we remain committed to keeping taxes low, real action that helps Saskatchewan people.

Saskatchewan is a growing province with a growing need for maternal and children’s health services. It is important that we not only design and build a Children’s Hospital, but also that we deliver a facility that is going to meet our needs now and into the future.

As Canadians we are free to speak without fear, worship in our own way, oppose what we feel is wrong and choose who should govern us. These freedoms, which we often take for granted, were put in perspective recently as 47 people from 22 countries gathered at the Legislative Building in Regina. They took the oath of citizenship, officially becoming Canadian citizens. These 47 people, now Canadians, can now claim all of these freedoms for themselves.

Saskatchewan is a big province with a growing population. While working to meet emerging challenges in larger urban centres, we are committed to supporting the needs of rural and remote communities. To that end our government is working to ensure everyone has access to quality primary health services. Part of that is a recruitment strategy to bring more nurse practitioners to rural Saskatchewan.

On March 19, our government was proud to present its seventh consecutive balanced budget. By controlling spending, keeping taxes low and making targeted investments in people and infrastructure we are ensuring Saskatchewan remains on the path of steady growth.

Schools, hospitals and long term care facilities, highways, bridges and bypasses are among the many priorities outlined in a provincial budget that includes many of the initiatives the NDP opposition had petitioned for. Despite this, their members still voted against it.

In conversation with constituents of Prince Albert Carlton, health care is almost always the number one priority. These concerns are not only being heard, but acted upon. I am proud to say that our government is providing $2 million in this year’s budget to begin planning the renewal of Victoria Hospital. The planning funding will be used to fund both the Lean 3P work, as well as additional work around project scope to review our current population projections and service delivery information and to ensure that the facility is the proper size now and into the future.

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