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Six years ago, unsure and uncertain of how our little laser clinic would be received, Quentin and I borrowed against our own home and bought a tiny house in Prince Albert’s downtown, on a quiet residential street. Our thought was, if the community didn’t respond, we could quietly shut the doors, sell off the equipment and sell that little house.

Summertime means it’s time to stress out about bacne f you have it, simply because people can see it.

Bacne is short for Back Acne. Most people experience some during adolescence.

Bacne can be hereditary. It can also be caused by sebum (skin oil) and sweat during exercise and sports.

Sometimes the cause is an ingredient found in shampoo or body washes. Sodium laurel sulfate generates a terrific lather but it’s also known to cause Back Acne. Often, a person can clear that up just by changing shampoos or getting rid of the body wash.

Soon, school will be out. Family road trips will begin.

So many hourswill be spent in the vehicle. Will you be doing some of the driving?

Practice safe sun while you’re away; not just on the beach or at the water park. I want you to practice safe sun in the car as well. Make sure you wear protection. Yes, in the car. Yes, even in the driver’s seat.

For six years now, I have cautioned clients to put their visor down and to the side when they are driving. Some of the looks I have gotten have been, shall I say, skeptical.

Momma Wants Therapie for Mother’s Day

Do you know the saying that if Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy? This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of Beauty Sleep. Everyone will be happy.

Momma needs her Beauty Sleep and not just for beauty. Sleep is also necessary for health and stress management. We all know that people look rough and haggard when they are sick, stressed or sleep deprived. Your Momma still cares about her looks and her health and gets stressed.

Some people say that they don’t think cleansers, moisturizers and serums make any difference at all to skin’s appearance. Yet we all know someone who has had a reaction to a skincare product that left them red or even covered in hives. If skin care can have a dramatically bad effect on skin, of course, it can also have a dramatically good effect.

Most people buy according to brand, advertising on TV or price.

When skincare is purchased according to cosmetic ingredient, it can make a visible difference to the beauty and health of skin.

I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung. The snow is visibly receding, water is rushing down the street drains and the heaviest coats have been pushed further back in the closet.

Winter tires are coming off and snow shovels are being put away in the shed.

Just as we make seasonal adjustments on our vehicles and in our yards and closets, it’s time to do a seasonal tune up or check up on our skin.

I bet your hands look older than your face. They take such a beating. Whether it’s washing dishes or fixing a car out in the cold, our hands work hard and their appearance tells the tale.

You know how I like to sound off on your skin being an organ. That goes for the skin on your hands as well. This precious, life saving outer organ protects our precious inner organs. It is our first line of defense against infectious diseases and when it’s cracked or dry, this line of defense is compromised.

When I was about 23 years old, I thought I’d better start using anti aging products, as I was starting to get old.

This is hysterically funny to me now, but I digress.

Vitamin C. It’s not just for seasonal colds and flu.

So spring has not yet sprung. The temperatures are just starting to climb, slowly. Nonetheless, with change of season and increases in temperature , no matter how slight, come colds and flus.

So take your Vitamin C. But I also want you to wear it.

Vitamin C is a proven skin beauty powerhouse. It reduces inflammation in acne and rosacea. It’s critical to the production of collagen and keeping the collagen production going is one of the secrets of youth.

 Reading the title, “Steve Martin’s Face Looks Funny” might have made you smile because he is funny.  However, I don’t mean it looks ‘funny ha -ha’.  I think it looks – funny – as in, it never used to look like that.

I’m in the business of helping people look better and feel better.  As such, I’ve developed a bit of an eagle’s eye when it comes to features, skin and hair.

A face ages a certain way.   Volume leaves the cheekbone area and redistributes itself lower down, around the jaw line. Cheeks can look sunken and jaw lines can look heavier.  Many people get jowls.  

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