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I am living proof that exercise is the best medicine for when you're feeling really crappy!

Four years ago my child came into this world very premature and with a disability. After months of running back and forth to Saskatoon , not knowing what the future would hold and feeling like I was going crazy, I took the plunge.

As I entered the doctor's office my stomach was in knots. Was I really going to ask to be medicated?

Flying by the seat of your pants use to be a phrase used in the 80's. What it means is we could get away without preparation and no vision. In the 90's it became evident that with busy households, if you didn't plan it didn't happen.

Children Deserve better!

When is the last time you let your kids just run and play, instead of giving them an I-pad, or phone. As I look it seems that children are more interested in cartoons and fast food than fresh air and bike riding.


Winter seasonal depression is a reality for some of us. Since you choose to live in Canada and not Mexico, then I would like to help you overcome the winter blues.

1. Volunteer - ask at the Salvation Army if they need help with Senior Fridays , SPCA is always looking for pet walkers , shovel walks for the elderly , Big brothers Big Sisters, etc. Having a reason to get out doors will make you feel winter is meaningful.

It's been a crazy busy day and you’re starving. All you have handy is boxed ham helper, so you figure it's easy, quick plus you can add meat and be done but oh, crap. There is no meat.

So it's just boxed food again.

Unfortunately, while the box meal is easy to make, the ingredients will mess with your body’s ability to self-regulate. This increases stress, plus makes it harder to lose weight.

It's 2014, the year you finally look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m important!”

Is this the year you choose to live in the present and for yourself?

I'm glad 2014 has come, because for many people, 2014 will be life changing!

So how do you change your life?

First I need you to write down a list of 5 things you will do in the upcoming year. This is not a Wish list but a factual list about changing your life.

When I think about the holidays , tons of happy memories flood my mind . Trips to my grandparents farm , fresh baking all around, playing barbies with my brothers beside the Christmas tree .

As an adult holiday time still brings joy to my heart , but It also brings some stress. So here are some stress reliever tips, 4 horsemen style :

Throughout my life I have made some interesting choices. Some were healthy and some not. When I reflect back, I realized everything was meant to be the way they turned out.

As a teenager, all I wanted to do is party, hang out with my friends and do everything my mom said I shouldn’t.

In my 20’s, I drank too much, partied too much and made choices that would reflect badly on me and my family.

Regret can come in all shapes and sizes. You regret starting an exercise routine until you’re sick. You regret that you didn't say I love you when you should have.

Well today you won't regret any more because you’re going to do all that and more!

This week we started the journey of after school/after work activities such as swimming, hockey, school work, guitar, the list is endless! Now it is the big challenge of staying sane during this busy time.

As I pick my son up from after school care, we rush into the van!

I say, `Guess it's a fast food night! ``

Link looks at me and says, `But mom, you made chicken and rice this morning~ that makes my tummy feel better. ``

Well... Easy!

We dash home (because waiting in a line up would take the same amount of time) and eat a healthy meal.

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